If I am an “evil sheep”, because I choose God, then I am an “evil sheep” and will be one to the end of my days.

An odd choice of title, you might say, but as this post goes on, it might make a bit more sense.

As with anyone on this site, who chooses to follow me or to take the time to like or comment on one of my posts, I will take the time to have a look at your profile, just to see what sort of person has chosen to take an interest in my writings and what you are interested in talking about.

This person, who had decided to like one of my posts, clearly did not like Christianity or Christians, as was evident in a fair few of his own posts (some parts of which I will share with you below:)

But this seems to be a problem for many white nazi type christians who believe in lies all there lives and seem more comfortable with this than the truth! White so-called Christians, you are mostly just psychotics!


As has always been the case, sheep are trusting and accepting all the while being fleeced leading ultimately to their pre-planned slaughter. This is the core of the Christian Faith, sacrifice.


The bible was the product of marketing by the leaderships of the church to create not truth, but a product that they could use to exploit there political and economic objectives with! This is the unmarketable truth of the “Bible!”

At this point, I was ready to close the blog (and my laptop) and pray for him, but my head was turned by a post entitled “How evil is Christianity” and, after reading it, I decided that I could not remain silent and contacted him.

I thanked him for liking my post and asked him why he had such an apparent dislike for Christianity when not only were Christians being persecuted in Iraq and Syria, but that evil itself was a human trait.

This was the response I got:

I have a bugabear with being a stickler for truth and christians and jews do not! The facts are that the original texts for the new and old testaments still exist and when compared to the actual bible, the bible comes across as being a fiction and a fraud.
As far as Islam and Buddhism are concerned, they are not concerned with god, but with how to live in society and spirituality. Anyone using the bible to make a case for christianity is both a sheep and mindless!
As far as evil atrocities are concerned the US, a country run by white christian male capitalists, is responsible for over 40 million murders since WW2!
2.7 million murders were committed in Iraq alone over a lie about weapons of mass destruction. “We know you have them, we gave them to you!” Christianity and Judaism are EVIL, and so are you as a SHEEP!

At first I was angry and wanted to rebuke him angrily. That feeling was then replaced by an overwhelming sense of sadness, not because my beliefs had been shaken, but because he could not feel the joy I have felt, nor the happiness He has brought me. I told him that I would pray for him and that I hoped Gods light would shine on him, which was met with this response:

Apparently you speak for me and for God! This implies you are some kind of authority! It’s a shame your lips keep flapping garbage while your brain is in rewind!

I have never claimed to speak for God or for anyone. I tried to empathise him because I saw my old self in those comments, and if I came across as condescending or arrogant, that certainly was not my intention. I simply want to spread the happiness that He brings me. I also did not seek this person out to argue with, as I would have done a few years back. He found me and I felt moved to say something.

I hope that one day I have the eloquence and the grace to answer people like this. For now I will pray for them and hope that they let Gods presence into both their hearts and their lives and I will forgive them as God forgave me for my transgressions.

Matthew 6: 14-15

 For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.
But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.



If I am an “evil sheep”, because I choose God, then I am an “evil sheep” and will be one to the end of my days.

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