Thoughts and stuff – 10/2/2016

So I’m sitting here, with the K-Love radio station in the background and thinking about how my spiritual journey is progressing. There are both good and bad things that I want to chat about.

The good stuff

I guess the first thing is the blog. I am surprised and happy that it seems to have taken off in the way it has done. I thank God that He has enabled me to express myself through this medium, and I thank God that people are reading it. I hope one day (whether I know or not doesn’t matter) that it will touch someone who really needs God with them, and it enables them to go and find God again.

I will also be getting married soon. The only regret I have about it, is that we booked the registry before we found our faith again, so it will be a non-religious ceremony. Offsetting that is the fact that we have a couple of good friends attending who will pray with us afterwards, and we will be getting a blessing from our church when we return from honeymoon, so that is good.

I am also hoping to get baptized before the marriage too. I’m not sure when it will be, but I feel as though it’s something I need. I still need to talk to the Pastor about it, so it’s not happening quite yet, but soon.

The bad stuff

My memory is concerning me. It concerns me because I am forgetting to pray, I am forgetting to read my devotional and I am forgetting to study my Bible and look for inspiration for my posts. I am sure that this is a test, and as with other problems my condition has thrown up, I will overcome it with Gods help, but it’s bringing me down a bit at the moment.

There is also the fact that there are certain parts of my old life that I am finding difficult to leave behind, and the temptation to do these things has been too much for me to overcome. At the moment, I would like to keep these things between me and God.


I am excited for the future, especially now that I have found God again, but I know that I still have things I need to overcome and temptations I still need to fight. I know that God will be with me when these things occur (that is one thing I know I will never forget again).

I thank everyone who has followed me, commented or liked my posts. It is much appreciated.

God bless.



Thoughts and stuff – 10/2/2016

3 thoughts on “Thoughts and stuff – 10/2/2016

  1. I pray that Jesus continues to prepare your heart at this time!

    I pray that marriage may be a renewal to your life as you and your loved one become one and welcome God into your home!


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